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tv   Headline News  RT  July 11, 2014 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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we're not going to quit we will not stop until it is done what is more precious music more moving. israeli air bombardments of guys have led to the deaths of more than ninety palestinians among the many children we hear from those in the midst of the shelling. relations between the u.s. and germany reached a new low as berlin takes out a top cia official in retaliation to the latest spy scandal plus. as kiev says it's ready for a cease fire in the east of ukraine we meet families who've been devastated by the army air raids.
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noon in moscow good to have you with us here on r.t. international our top story this hour medics in gaza say four more people have been killed in pre-dawn attacks by israel so far more than ninety palestinians mostly civilians have died and hundreds have been injured in the offensive at least twenty of those who lost their lives were children. thursday israel says it hit more than one hundred targets in gaza many of the missiles landed in residential areas causing panic to ripple through the population
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journalist harry fear met some of those caught up in the violence as they brace themselves for more air raids. on a visit to gaza's main hospital we met four year old shame mass for she was injured in her abdomen she became collateral damage in a drone strike whatever has yet. to go went to visit her sister with her parents on the road they came on the missile fire when she tried to avoid one she was hit by a second letter but her mother and brother were killed she and her sister were left in a critical condition this is the day today and the girl is still in the good care no one knows if she's going to make it. doctors tell me they've been dealing with the biting shortage of medical supplies in gaza for the last three weeks as a result of the ongoing siege but even civilians that survive the violence suffer the mental effects of living in a war zone our bed lives in a neighborhood of shaikh road one that was targeted last night. sitting by the
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entrance when the first missile hit the house is the second one soon followed on and we carried the sleeping children out and run away the children began screaming through fear. it's been a traumatizing couple of days for the civilians of high newness in the south of the gaza strip to during its operation israel says that it's going after hamas militants those alleges are hamas militants however it's willing to go as far as targeting their homes and in this case israel killed six children and two adults when it struck this family home the family didn't have time to heed the warning drone missile which arrived four minutes before the main strike. we were shocked when a missile hit my brother's house after we hurried out our house was hit by the house was a children's playground where most of the heat again israel has made clear that
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it's not interested in restraining its operations so long as hamas rocket fire continues it's a recipe for conflict and inevitable suffering for gaza civilian population carry fear gaza. for its part israel has vowed to step up attacks on gaza until hamas stops firing rockets into its territory israel already mobilized twenty thousand troops for a possible ground invasion i.d.f. spokesperson libby vice earlier told my colleague you know neal why they're pursuing the offense. this is not an operation in any capacity against the people of gaza this is an operation against hamas against an organization that purposely and specifically uses the civilian population of gaza as human shields the point is is that you're defending your people but thankfully no israelis have been killed by hamas rockets in the last number of days but let's just get some more figures because in gaza since two thousand and eight over a thaw and civilians were killed in the trying twenty times more than the israeli
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civilian death toll is israel's reaction to rockets fired by hamas measured unjustified there are four with five million men women and children living in shelters that is something with which we cannot continue and which no other country would accept we make unbounded efforts to protect the civilian population in the gaza strip before any attack is taken against hamas to take measures that no other military or no other country takes in the world which include text messages to people in civilian areas phone calls to their homes to do this because if the end of the day then why because i don't as you say yes margaret but why then is the u.n. security general urging israel to show restraint but prime minister netanyahu is vowing to step off the offensive so international colds are simply being ignored aren't they. again i and he calls about international claims really should be directed towards the prime minister at the end of the day as
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a military big been given a very clear mission that mission is to restore quiet to the people that are living in israel and to teach hamas that there is a very very heavy price to pay to committing acts of terror and questions that were guarding these civilian casualties in the gaza strip i believe should also be directed towards the leadership within gaza that actively and purposefully puts its own civilians in in danger. israel also being attacked not just from gaza rockets have been fired from lebanon which struck israel's northern border to go public bomb shelters have been set up reports from one of them. this is one of seventy underground shelters in tel aviv for the past few years cities around israel have been preparing shelters like this for precisely the situation they find themselves in today under rocket fire from gaza as you can see there are water barrels to the left of me there are doctors rooms and toilets above ground is an additional two hundred and forty public shelters in the city now this is for people who are in cause or who are on the streets when the rockets start firing they
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wasn't all that was passed in israel twenty three years ago that says that all apartments must be built with one room that doubles up as a safe room but of course you have older buildings that do not have that now or if this comes as the signs on the ground are that a ground offensive is imminent we are hearing reports that the israeli army has ordered gaza residents to evacuate the homes immediately if they live near the israel gaza border now this could just be a psychological tactic we could be in sign that war is imminent at the same time there is an app that has come out that helps people find the nearest bomb shelter to where they are so it seems as if the clock is ticking closer when this might just be needed this year. to level. what about civilians in gaza israel doing enough to protect them that's what people about and guess are talking about in cross talk being shown throughout the day your art. there is when you when
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. one innocent people are in harm's way unfortunately regretfully sometimes or heard you're reading from the wrong script you're reading from the script from the two thousand and eight to knowing war israel hasn't even you can only. know this is going to come to you in the house where those that's that's your that's the old script not you're using the human shield script israel has freely admitted it's targeting the homes of hamas militants civilian homes that's not legal under international law even if you give a warning even if you tap on the roof how would you like it down if i tapped on your roof. relations between the u.s. and germany have reached their lowest point since the run up to the american invasion of iraq in two thousand and three germany is kicked out the cia chief in berlin after officials unmasked two alleged u.s. spies working in the state security apparatus anger over the eavesdropping is
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widespread the german interior minister stated the information obtained by spies was laughable but the political damage is already disproportionate and serious a left party member shared his outrage saying the blind trust in the u.s. has taken a knock archy's peter all of the reports from berlin on the rising tensions. sent packing a with a flea in his ear. i just want to say that if you see it was human common sense in my opinion spying on allies and friends is a waste of energy. germany has now told the cia contact at the us embassy in berlin to get his things and leave. for the first time after a series of spy scandals this is a strong message from the germans that they've had enough of washington's behavior . or foreign intelligence services isn't something we're taking lightly but it took a whole string of and biasing snooping slip ups to get to this stage that paints
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a picture of an abusive relationship in june of last year it emerged that the u.s. had spied on its european allies prompting this response from the chancellor spying on friends is not acceptable then it was revealed that mrs merkel's private cell phone was bugged by the n.s.a. washington promised not to do it again but refused to sign a no spy deal but still wanted to talk trade and rebuilding of trust between the transatlantic partners flash forward to april of this year when germany's request to see the chancellor's n.s.a. file was turned down even then i'm glad merkel was content to stand side by side with the u.s. president as he again spoke of their close friendship but the discovery of two potential double agents in germany and his many weeks and the lack of cooperation from the u.s. with the investigations looks like the final straw and it will be interesting to
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see what effect the expulsion of the cia official will have on an already strained u.s. german relationship now that berlin has shown its willingness to act peter all of a r.t. germany washington yet to comment on germany's anger at the issue was raised at a state department briefing but spokesperson jen psaki refused to give any information. when you say you have seen the gentleman reports are the media reports seeing what you would you mean by that or do you deny either judgment on league ations a vote that there was this ration going on all the time all i meant by it was that we've seen the reports we've read the reports i'm not going to say i don't have any specific comment on it given its purported attack and so you see those reports are true i'm not going to have anything more to add on that front a former cia officer who worked in germany thinks the expulsion of the top intelligence official sends a dramatic signal to the us spelling the cia chief of station is unprecedented i
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don't know of a single example of any nato country expelling the cia chief of station and so this is quite a significant move by the germans they're saying no more of this there's no question about it i think this one is different because i think it is it is maybe one or two too far it basically is the germans are saying that we have a high tolerance for the united states acting independently in our country but recruiting our government officials and turning them into spies is a step that we can't condone so that's i think it's a serious discussion going on but i think as i said before i think the united states and germany have so much in common politically and every other way that eventually will blow over. russia's president vladimir putin called cyber spying against allies overt hypocrisy in his latest comments on the unveiling scandal he also said it's a direct violation of state sovereignty and infringement of human rights and
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privacy. statement was made before and set off on his longest ever trip this time to south america we take a look at why he where he's going and why still to come. plus the job as defensive in syria and iraq attracting fresh recruits from western countries a self-proclaimed islamic state calls on all muslims to join the fight. the stories we cover here and other big story. there's
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a reason they don't want you to. break the set. do we speak your language i mean for my deal or not i didn't. use programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little turn into bangalore kids stories. are you here to. try to teach spanish to find out more visit i to allahabad tito's combe. thanks for staying with us quarter past the hour ukraine are ready for a ceasefire that's a statement from the country's president expressed in a phone call with the german chancellor but despite reassurances he has not targeting civilians residential areas in the of the resistance hubs of donetsk and
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heard more air raids were a few notion about some of the victims of the military operation in libya. and he day brings most summer to the city of the guns. this goes mother has just been killed when a shell landed on her fourth floor balcony it was up to the daughter to tell her father. told her. this young man was lucky he was through to the hospital with a gunshot wound and thought unlikely to survive can regain consciousness just minutes before we arrived. yes could have you succeeded if you wanted and is a symbol for charity getting. a sense that this will. also look at what the wall is somebody.
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who killed the world it isn't. or no way out of the hospital we made him drink who just dropped his wife here this is where she was sitting you can see one bullet here in the water another stuck somewhere inside the metal part and drays still in shock and conned beneath his wife survived the whole mizen i was in the shop and i heard someone scream lay down on the ground but i yelled that my wife was in the car so i looked out of the window and saw that she wasn't there and heard her knocking on the shop door. but that's not enough for stitches so did a lot of his just moved with his family from the suburbs of la guns into the city itself to skate fighting between anti government forces and the ukrainian army first and go slow i don't know what to say why are they doing this to us civilians
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we asked the operation commanders in kiev what they're trying to achieve with the main goal now is to act carefully so civilians won't get hurt we don't have any definite numbers of civilian casualties we only have the numbers of dead and injured fighters of the anti terror operation the same day ukraine's deputy health minister reported four hundred seventy eight civilians have died since the beginning of the operation in one pro including seven children but just hours later the ministry denied his statistics without giving any time to figures we meet with the health minister of the self-proclaimed people's independent republic of the guns. at the aircraft siren song before we even osco first question. we have to continue the interview new basement. you know going in there yeah i can't give any definite numbers concerning civilian casualties because
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many people died while we couldn't get to them so i don't have the statistics of ukrainian media doesn't say anything about those casualties so much so they are not allowed to show that or they believe that only terrorists are dying here i ask whether they tell kiev about the civilian casualties no one requested this information or no one is interested and yes that i even have statistics on the ukrainian soldiers but they have their own numbers so you know no one asks us about our statistics. and when they did the gun skokie of know exactly how many men women and to join have been killed the civilian toll is high and it's likely to rise. in eastern ukraine and there has been heavy shelling in a mining area the advance region not far from the russian border at least four people killed after a bus transporting miners to work came under fire local see a school and kindergarten were also hit. head on the line to find more
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firsthand accounts of the ongoing violence in eastern ukraine we have a full timeline of the events from the very start also a click away imagine yourself in a brightly lit room where you can only see a couple of a day and all's well that's how astronomers are describing our universe out there it was revealed eighty percent of life in space is simply missing three how that's possible why also on a lighter note a mexican mayor marrying a princess to bring wealth and prosperity to his town planner would have worked out fine except for the fact that her majesty is a rocket. right to see. the. first lady. and i would think that your. orders with their. instrument. in the.
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destination southwest of lattimer putin barking on as long as foreign tourists and settling back into the kremlin in two thousand and twelve before heading to south america the president stressed that dialogue is crucial in today's globalized world where no state or group of countries can tackle international problems by themselves our correspondent alexei or ship skis in the city where putin will land first. the sun faded buildings may make a good source picture but they're all part of a sad reality time seems to be standing still here fifty years of sanctions against cuba is having a huge toll on the country's economy cubans want to move forward but in order to do that they need a strong partner and moscow has made no secret it is willing to become one that's why the first stop. longest ever foreign trip to latin american countries starts here. and i would because that will rubber stamp an unprecedented agreement was writing off ninety percent of cuba's debts to the u.s.s.r. that's thirty two billion dollars astronomical money for
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a poor country like cuba the remaining ten percent will be reinvested in the social infrastructure projects on the intrigue is what have on the offer in return speculation takes in everything from major oil deals he will potentially has a lot of it but has no money to extract to rebuilding soviet military bases on the island and that's less than one hundred miles from the coast of the united states the next stop is where the scientists president putin has been very supportive of moscow in its standoff with the west and regrets that trade with russia has not been better the two leaders will aim to increase the annual one point eight billion dollars turnover but it's energy deals where both hope to gain a lot of power is provided using russian technology and the new nuclear power plant which will be built by russia a multibillion deal will certainly increase that last but certainly not least is brazil not only will be lucky enough to witness the world cup final from the stands and go through a symbolic handover from brazil to russia he has a lot to discuss with brazil is russia's key trading partner latin america and the two leaders share a common view on u.s. wiretapping scandals president rousseff was one of the world leaders whose phone
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was hacked by the n.s.a. so a joint information security project will be on the agenda here putin will also meet a dozen latin american presidents in the hope of striking new partnerships the tool culminate with a brick summit where the final breaks of a joint bank will be late the new financial body will have one hundred billion dollar budget and could represent a solid attempt by developing economies to become less dependent on the u.s. dollar. r.t. reporting from havana cuba. turning now to some other stories making global headlines this hour u.s. secretary of state john kerry is arrived in afghanistan in a bid to resolve tensions over the country's disputed presidential election kerry said told talks with both candidates for the top job of. danny alongside the current leader hamid karzai and key u.n. figures results of the vote are yet to be released but an independent election watchdog announces that danny topped the final poll prompting claims of a coup from his rival. a child badly injured in a violent clash between police and protesters in mexico during
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a protest over changes to how the registry of births and deaths is running protesters threw objects at police who fired back with tear gas and rubber bullets one hundred demonstrators and about forty officers were wounded in the clashes. isis which now calls itself the islamic state is making a fresh military push in a bid to seize more territory in syria and iraq jihad is ranks being bolstered by thousands of volunteers with many also coming from europe a pair of british teenage twin sisters have run away from their family home to join their brother who's already with the militants and another muslim brit now fighting in syria has threatened to take over london and hold public executions there some volunteers are returning to the u.k. from the war zone and police recently arrested a pair of young men on terror charges one former student from scotland has appeared at an isis recruitment video saying that joining jihad as was the happiest moment of his life and across in the us from the atlantic a woman has been arrested while trying to board
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a plane to syria police suspect that she was plotting terror attacks and in france authorities claim to have caught an al qaeda recruit who wanted to bomb a nuclear power plants and even the eiffel tower or she's marina kosar eva has more from paris. as the french government continues to support the syrian opposition many at home fear the replications of their country's meddling in foreign affairs comes back to bite them. we are paying the price for american politicians he wants to break the soviet empire and used extremists to do say we used to be afraid of the afghans now it is syrian jihadists we're afraid of. the french public in recent years first there was the case of self-proclaimed this mohamed merah accused of killing seven people in solution in two thousand and twelve then this may a twenty nine year old trench native was arrested for killing four people outside the jewish museum in belgium met in the left france for syria in two thousand and
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twelve after allegedly being radicalized behind bars there are dozens of men like. we've never faced a challenge on this scale the challenge is to prevent french citizens from being radicalized at home and to keep a closer eye on those who go to fight abroad according to the government here around seven hundred citizens how falso are fighting in syria and that's a situation they are calling a ticking time bomb the radicalization process tends to take place in prisons like this one or online and once they're ready for battle it's really hard to track these people down that's why the government is now focusing on increased surveillance and prison reform. even though the government is introducing as such of measures to combat the radicalization of citizens some remain unconvinced saying the country's security forces are doing a bad job since. the french government supported the rebel groups in syria the same
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groups and why themselves sometimes with the hardest groups so there are suspicions the french government is letting its citizens go to syria. let it all probably about the fight against jihad ism this holy war in syria and this terrorism are not credible we don't have any resources now it is almost too late if you want my opinion i think the best solution is to have a change of heart meaning that till our government supports the syrian coalition the door will be open to jihadists. the french government has flatly rejected accusations it could have done more to prevent recent attacks by its citizens and claim intelligence services are doing their job perfectly but with hundreds of europeans find someone foreign soil the questions right now are what ideology will they bring back home and who they be down fighting greenock all survive reports in from paris for our team. taking on the world's top economic headlines boom bust coming your way next started.
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from time to time i get emotional e-mails in broken english from quote nationalists of various sort who support the current government in kiev and it makes me wonder if young people today even know what the word nationalist means for example just last week a bill was passed in ukraine that will open up forty five percent of the country's gas pipelines and storage facilities to european and american companies that's also not forget that joe biden son was put on the board of ukraine's largest gas producer we should also remember all the way back to the first days of the coup against you know covert what did the nationalists do first sign up big time for i am loans wow putting your country into massive debt with foreign entities now that's
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a nationalistic and would you think ukrainian nationalist would put ukrainians into power all over the regions of ukraine well think again because money sure trumps ethnicity what it comes to the two thousand and fourteen governor's line up and most importantly of all how can nationalists want to join the e.u. which is lefty liberal paradise where patriotic movements are the black sheep of the cotton and so my dear detractors who write me letters just what sort of nationalists revolution are you so proud of i'm sorry but i'm not seeing your triumph but that's just my opinion.
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there i marinate this is boom bust and these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up chinese buyers are scooping up tens of billions of dollars worth of u.s. homes so where and how much are they buying it we'll look into it coming right up then a columnist and author george magnus is on the program he's weighing in on the possibly destabilize chinese economy scary stuff and it's my favorite day of the week here on boom bust attack thursday today edward harris and i are discussing price wars and where old technology is i want to miss a moment.